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G. Maniatis: «Go ahead» to procedures for energy pipelines — 19 Nov 2009

The draft bill on the Burgas-Alexandroupolis oil pipeline is being promoted.
Relevant statements were made by the Deputy Minister of the Environment, Energy and Climatic Change, Mr. G. Maniatis during his meeting with the Russian Ambassador, Vl. Chkhikvishvili on 16/11/09. Greece has consistently supported the promotion of common-interest pipelines, the Deputy Minister stated among other things.

Working meeting of Trans-Balkan Pipeline B.V. management — 13 Nov 2009

The top management of Trans-Balkan Pipeline B.V. held a series of organizational meetings on November 5-6, 2009, in Athens. Thus on November 5 a working meeting was held with the Company’s Technical adviser ILF to discuss issues pertaining to the current production of project documentation and action plans for 2010.

An agreement of intent regarding oil transportation signed  — 27 Oct 2009

On October 23, 2009, the President of Transneft Mr. Tokarev, the General Director of Sovcomflot Mr. Frank, the President of the Novorossiysk Shipping Company Mr. Tonkovidov and the CEO of Trans-Balkan Pipeline B.V. Mr. Tarakanov signed an Agreement of intent regarding the development of a mutually advantageous partnership and cooperation in the sphere of stable and safe loading and transportation of liquid hydrocarbons along the route from the port of Novorossiysk/ port of Yuzhnaya Ozereyevka to the port of Burgas in connection with the implementation of the Burgas-Alexandroupolis pipeline project.

The International Company “Trans-Balkan Pipeline B.V.” Presented the “Bourgas-Alexandrupolis” Project to the Minister of Economy, Energy and Tourism of Bulgaria — 13 Oct 2009

The CEO of the international company “Trans-Balkan Pipeline B.V.” Alexander Tarakanov presented the “Burgas-Alexandroupolis” crude oil pipeline project to the Minister of the Economy, Energy and Tourism Traicho Traikov. During the presentation Mr. Tarakanov focused on the method of offloading the oil in the bay of Burgas and the environmental justifications for its selection. Mr.

9-day Training for Public Consultations Held by Trans-Balkan Pipeline B.V. — 09 Oct 2009

The international company Trans-Balkan Pipeline B.V. (TBP) is developing a Grievance Mechanism Procedure for both countries. To this end on training sessions were held September 14-18, 2009 in Greece and September 23-26, 2009 in Bulgaria and a tracking database for the Query Management Procedure was set up.