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Bulsar: The Project Should be Implemented

“The Burgas-Alexandroupolis oil pipeline Project should be implemented because it will bring a lot of benefits to our country”, Captain Nikifor Gerchev, chairman of the Bulsar non-governmental organization (Voluntary Search and Rescue Service), told Bulgaria’s Klasa newspaper yesterday. He gave a report on this Project during the First International Congress on Integration and Sustainable Development in the Black Sea Region. The document was prepared by Captain Gerchev and Master Mariner Orlin Stanchev. According to the report, there is minimal risk of an oil spill from tankers in the Burgas Bay. “The oil pipeline will mean an increase in equipment orders for the Bulgarian shipbuilding industry,” Gerchev added. According to Gerchev, our country will receive $2 billion U.S. from the Project over 20 years, and this is only from tanker towing services and various tonnage taxes. The lease of rescue ships and hiring of tanker maintenance crews will also bring an income for Bulgarian companies. According to Captain Gerchev’s report, single point mooring is a safer option for unloading tankers than a dock.

“During construction of the oil pipeline, $1.5 billion U.S. will be invested here,” Vladislav Emelyanov, CEO of Trans-Balkan Pipeline, the company responsible for building the pipeline, said yesterday. Russia is its majority shareholder, while the remainder of the company is owned equally by Bulgaria and Greece. According to Emelyanov, our country will receive another $2 billion U.S. over a period of 15 years in operating expenditures for pipeline maintenance alone.