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Environmental and Social Impact Assessment submitted to the Ministry of Environment and Water of Bulgaria

—03 Oct 2011

Moscow, September 30, 2011

Trans-Balkan Pipeline B.V. submitted the revised and supplemented ESIA report to the Ministry of Environment and Water of Bulgaria on September 30, 2011, within the term set by the Ministry.
With the aim of obtaining a pre-check of the report, the Company together with its environmental and technical Consultants had sent a draft of the revised report to the competent Bulgarian public environmental authorities for a preliminary review prior to submission. The Executive Agency Maritime Administration confirmed its satisfaction with the made amendments. The Black Sea Basin Directorate sent an official letter to the Company with comments which were duly addressed prior to submission of the report.
The Company is intent on supporting the constructive review of the documentation by the competent Bulgarian authorities by making itself available to answer any questions which may arise during the review period.
In accordance with the existing legislation in Bulgaria the evaluation results are expected within one month following submission.