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Positive quality assessment of ESIA in Bulgaria

—08 Nov 2011

TBP are pleased to announce that on 3rd November the Ministry of Environment and Water’s (MoEW’s) positive evaluation of the quality of the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) Report for the Bulgarian section of the Burgas-Alexandroupolis Pipeline project was received after a thorough appraisal by MoEW. During the appraisal period, TBP had provided additional information to satisfy the information needs of the MoEW in particular with respect to the planned crude oil unloading facilities in Burgas. Since the Greek ESIA had already passed the quality check by the Greek Ministry of Environment (MEECC), the next steps for TBP will be public disclosure of the ESIA documents in both Bulgaria and Greece, followed by public hearings in both countries. This will include facilitation of transboundary disclosure and consultation in line with EU standards and best international practice. TBP will follow the instructions received on 4th November at a coordination meeting between all parties, which was hosted by MoEW and included Greek MEECC and EU representatives.